All spars are IN STOCK. 


72"  Mill finish airfoil mast                 $20.00

72"  Clear anodize airfoil mast            $23.00

72" Black anodize airfoil mast            $25.00

72" IOM clear anodize mast                $25.00

96" Clear anodize airfoil mast            $27.00

96" Black anodize airfoil mast            $33.00

120" Large diameter mast                    $75.00


Prices for shipping are for any number of masts. Multiple mast orders ship at the same rate as a single spar to a single destination.

Attending an event? Get together with other skippers and have your spars shipped together and reduce the shipping cost!

Order extras and sell them at the event and pay for your own spars!

Shipping in the lower 48 for airfoil masts is typically $25.00 including the shipping tube.  This is via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping for the lower 48 for the large diameter mast is approximately $90.00 including the shipping tube.

NOTE* that this price usually requires the receiver to pick up the tube from the freight terminal.

Shipping can be arranged for delivery to a residence, but can DOUBLE the cost of the shipping.

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